Become proactive…


I’d like to share a good friend’s thoughts on the new year celebration side-effects….it’s not purely technology related, but it’s a thought that can help make for a safe and better living!!

“Hearing about the accidents caused by gun fire / fire works over the new year celebrations made me reflect once more on momentous occasions which are celebrated and anticipated beyond their due importance.

In essence, forced celebration to acknowledge a moment that is not always intrinsically motivated may lead to irresponsible behavior.

Life throws enough curve balls which cause highs and lows, which are mourned or celebrated daily. Add to the mix, events that society deems mandatory to celebrate, I feel makes for tumultuous living.

Times of celebration can turn into times of remorse in a split second. We all should become proactive in everything we do, be it personal or professional living.

Feel free to send me your inputs on this as well. Meanwhile, do check out my post “Short Memoirs of an Entrepreneur”.

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