Finest websites for newly expecting couples

Finest websites for newly accepting parents

I have to say, I’ve never needed the Internet more than just recently when my wife got pregnant with our first child. So many questions need to be answered, and the timing of them is just too abrupt. Can she use this medicine, can she do that exercise, is this fruit or carb ok for her to consume, can she travel? Well let’s just say that technology came to my rescue.

Baby Center is one of the finest websites for newly expecting couples like us. Their week-by-week literature is just amazing, along with the short 3D videos of the baby in the womb. It gives me goose-bumps just looking at them and knowing how the little minion of ours is transforming within the womb.

They even have a mobile app that I use weekly to check the changes that my wife is going through.

And the other most valuable site is ofcourse Google. I don’t think we humans would be the same if Search Engines were to disappear on earth tomorrow. Google is like my very own personal assistant who has answers to even the lamest of my queries.

We’re on week 11 of pregnancy, so let’s hope the remaining weeks go by seamlessly. I can safely say that the two websites will definitely play a vital role in the coming weeks.

Would love if you guys would share some other websites you think will help my Wife and I in this very exciting period of our lives.

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