Make your Moments funny


I’ve been trying out this very funny and exciting app on my Android phone, called MomentCam, which lets you “Make your Moments funny” by taking a picture of yourself, family, or friends and turn them into really funny cartoon and emoticons!

Took me just minutes to have a library of funny cartoon images which I then shared on my social channels so that my friends and all can have a good laugh! It’s quite heartening to know you can make your close ones laugh. 🙂

MomentCam has won the Facebook “App of the Year 2015” Award, which is a no mean feat. It has approx. 200 Million downloads so far (at the time of this post).

So I suggest you get your camera out, start clicking, use MomentCam to add from their database of thousands some funny features such as beards, hats, glasses, then select a background to create a Momie! Hahah yeah i know… Momie!!

Check out some of my Momies….

Remember to share your Momies with your friends and enjoy a good laugh! I would also love to see your Momies!!

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