My response to the comment “the current economic climate is not very favorable for a startup”


A couple of years back, when I decided to jump onto the startups’ bandwagon, it was indeed turbulent times for the global economy. While discussing the prospect with an acquaintance, I was told (for the umpteenth time) that “the current economic climate is not very favorable for a startup”.

I would like to share with you all my response to that acquaintance, and I welcome your comments…

“Indeed these are tough times and the European market has severely been hit with the global economic crunch. Nonetheless, this period will pass by soon, provided, we minimize expense, production, while maintaining business penetration. Easier said than done! However, keep in mind that previously such similar times have seen the birth of Google and Skype; we indeed are very hopeful.

Subsequently I would like to present Bevy Solutions’ perspective on the current market situation and how we can help you cross this turbulent time a bit more smoothly.

 Lessons learned from previous such crises show that economic distress create openings for disruptive technologies*, and small start-ups can prove the most agile in exploiting new opportunities especially where new opportunities can save consumers money. 

 * A disruptive technology is a technological innovation that improves a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically by being lower priced or designed for a different set of consumers.

 Google was born in 1998, in the midst of the Asian financial crisis, while Skype was born in 2003 during the dotcom slump. One of the key reason that these two companies did so well at the time was that they had relatively low start-up and running costs, and had been able to take advantage of the falling prices that the financial crisis of those times induced.

 As international organizations cut costs and downsize their operations, start-up ITES (IT-enabled services) companies can provide them cost-effective, quality outsourcing opportunities in diverse areas such as customer service, help-desk support, IT & design outsourcing and content management. This is where we; Bevy Solutions step-in.  

Being a relatively new start-up technology company, we too have all the aforementioned advantages. For the past few months, we have diligently been observing the market trend, and can now safely give assurance of sound business process automation, quality graphic and corporate identity designing, application development, with considerable competitive pricing and cost, which will set us apart from the rest. We are also well aware of the fact that this is the ideal time to work on products that can be launched later in the year once the global economy starts to recover. 

 Customers are looking for high-value products and low-cost services. In such situations, we make sure that we understand the customer behaviors in order to respond to their needs with valuable propositions.” 

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