New home project

Every task seems to be a project on its own. Rather, it should definitely be considered as one. My bedroom and bathroom needed a complete new look so I finally decided to take on this renovation project 10 days ago.

I initially was of the notion that if I do not consider this simple renovation work to be a project then every element of it would go haywire. This realization was actually spot on!

From the carpenter, to the plumber, electrician, mason, floor/tile fixing team, every resource was needed to be handled by a professional, so luckily the first step I took was to hire a contractor who handles all of the renovation work; a.k.a the project manager. It really worked wonders!

The renovation work is on time, and the result till now is exactly what I earlier set out to achieve. There is a daily task and expense reporting so that we don’t let any activity go off-track and off budget. It’s no doubt an exciting project and quite a personal one at the least.

Will update you all once its finalized.

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  • Umair Quraeshi
    at 11 years ago

    Proper planning, daily checks, reviews, and reporting did help immensely n completing the Renovation work within the stipulated timeframe and almost within the budget.

    I seriously suggest that we all consider such tasks as mini-projects, have a proper plan, and have a project management approach towards it.


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